15 janeiro 2011

Terence Blanchard - The Billie Holiday Songbook (1994)



01. Detour Ahead [04:37]
Performed by: Jeanie Bryson
02. Nice Work If You Can Get It [04:40]
Performed by: Jeanie Bryson
03. In My Solitude [03:42]
04. What A Little Moonlight Can Do [04:02]
Performed by: Jeanie Bryson
05. Good Morning Heartache [04:42]
06. I Cried For You [03:46]
07. Don't Explain [04:16]
08. Fine and Mellow [04:43]
Performed by: Jeanie Bryson
09. I Cover The Waterfront [04:38]
10. Left Alone [08:06]
11. Strange Fruit [03:52]
Performed by: Jeanie Bryson
12. Lady Sings The Blues [06:10]


Terence Blanchard: Trumpet
Jeanie Bryson: Guest Vocalist
Bruce Barth: Piano
Troy Davis: Drums
Chris Thomas: Bass

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard's tribute to Billie Holiday is a rather melancholy and often downbeat affair. Sounding less original than usual (he displays a strong Wynton Marsalis influence and also hints at times at both Miles Davis and Thad Jones), there is little joy to these renditions of Lady Day material other than the second half of "I Cried for You." The trumpeter's arrangements for the unswinging string section is occasionally oppressive, sometimes border on muzak and tends to weigh down the music. The only bright spot are the five fine vocals by Jeanie Bryson, who wisely does not try to sound like Holiday and comes across quite well. Otherwise this is a disappointing outing.
~ Review by Scott Yanow ~


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