23 janeiro 2011

Bill Russo - The World Of Alicia (1955-6)

mp3@320 kbps : ~ 37 min : 53,49

1. Under The Greenwood Tree (2:32)
2. The First Saturday In May (2:54)
3. Speculum (2:50)
4. Bill’s Blues(3:29)
5. L’affaire Bugs (2:29)
6. For My Sister(2:59)
7. First Dance. Solo Of Girl (3:28)
8. Second Dance. Solo Of Boy (2:48)
9. Third Dance. Chorus And Solo Of Girl (3:18)
10. Fourth Dance. Duet For Boy And Girl (4:30)
11. Fifth Dance. Chorus, Solo Of Boy, Solo Of Girl, Ensemble (4:17)


Bill Russo (v trb), BiII Porter (trb), Bill Trujillo (ts), Sandy Mosse (ts), Eddie Baker (p), Israel Crosby (b), Mickey Simonetta (dr)
Chicago, Apri/ 18, 1955

Bill Russo (v trb), Bil Trujillo (ts), Eddie Baker (p), Israel Crosby (b), Mickey Simonetta (dr)
Chicago, Apri/ 19, 1955

Conducted by Bill Russo. Johnny Howell (tp), Al Mueller (tp), Porky Panico (tp), Dom Geraci (tp), Davo Mulholland (tp), Tommy Shepard (trb), Paul Grumbaugh (trb), Paul Severson (trb), Marc McDunn (trb), Earl Hoffman (trb), Phillip Farkas (frh), , Frank Brouk (frh), Don Hagner (tuba), Ronnie Kolher (reeds), Lennie Druss (reeds), Hobart Grimes (reeds), Vito Price (reeds), Mike Simpson (reeds), Gus Jean (reeds), Phil Wing (reeds), Ken Soderbiom (reeds), Eddie Baker (p), Mel Schmidt (b), Fari Bakus (g), Mickey Simonetta (dr)

In the late Forties trombonist and composer Bill Russo, a young and prominent disciple of Lennie Tristano, was already leading his own experimental studio bands in Chicago. He always composed with a concern for jazz, and did much in the field of advanced orchestral writing, finally rising to fame when successful bandleader Stan Kenton hired him in early 1950. He became one of Kenton’s most brilliant orchestra arrangers, but decided to return to his hometown in 1955 to continue writing and conducting. He proved to be an extraordinarily well-informed individual in diverse areas, with the felicitously stimulating personality of one who is always an intellectual but never an intellectual snob. He worked in the jazz and classical fields and, in his opinion, a good symphony musician could play really swinging jazz if it was properly written. And he brought a much needed insistence on integrity to the music.

:: The World Of Alicia ::

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