26 fevereiro 2011

Jazz icons - Chet Baker

Chet Baker - The Touch Of Your Lips (1979)

Chet Baker - The Touch Of Your Lips (1979)
MP3 | 320Kbps | 85mb


Chet Baker - Trumpet, Vocals
Doug Raney - Guitar
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Bass

1. I Waited for You - 8:04
2. But Not for Me - 6:01
3. Autumn in New York - 5:53
4. The Blue Room - 8:36
5. The Touch of Your Lips - 8:16
6. Star Eyes - 5:44
7. Autumn in New York [Take 2] - 5:53

Recorded June 21, 1979


Password : laura35

Chet Baker And Bill Evans - The Complete Legendary Session

23 fevereiro 2011

Lester Bowie - The 5th Power 1978

Flac & MP3 | Label: Black Saint | Rec. 1978 | CD 1993

01 - Sardegna Amore (New Is Full Of Lonely People)
02 - 3 In 1
03 - BBB (Duet)
04 - God Has Smiled On Me (Traditional Gospel)
05 - The 5th Power (Finale)

Lester Bowie – Trumpet
Arthur Blythe – Sax (Alto)
Amina Claudine Myers – Piano, Vocals
Malachi Favors – Bass
Phillip Wilson — Drums

April 1978, Milano

Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson - The Alternate Blues - 1980

Recorded in March 1980. Run time 48 minutes

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Shorty Rogers - The Swingin' Nutcracker

A Nutty Marche
Blue Reeds
China Where?
Dance Esperesso
Flowers For The Cats
Like Shorty Overture
Overture for Shorty
Pass The Duke
Six Pak
The Swingin' Plum Fairy


Shorty Rogers

Milton Michael Rajonsky "Shorty Rogers"
Great Barrington, Massachussetts, Abril 14, 1924 - Nov 7, 1994 in Van Nuys, California

Shorty Rogers - Courts The Count

Courts The Count (RCA LJM-1004)

1 - Jump For Me
2 - Topsy
3 - It's Sand, Man
4 - Basie Eyes
5 - Doggin' Around
6 - Down For Double
7 - Over And Out
8 - H & J
9 - Taps Miller
10 - Tickletoe
11 - Swingin' The Blues
12 - Walk, Don't Run

PT1 - PT2

Thanks to Quintaesecia

Shorty Rogers - Short Stops

Short Stops (RCA/Bluebird 5917)

1 - Powder Puff
2 - The Pesky Serpent
3 - Bunny
4 - Pirouette
5 - Morpo
6 - Diablo's Dance
7 - Mambo Del Crow
8 - Indian Club
9 - Coop de Graas
10 - Inifinity Promenade
11 - Short Stop
12 - Boar-Jibu
13 - Contours
14 - Tale Of An African Lobster
15 - Chiquito Loco
16 - Sweetheart Of Sigmund Freud
17 - Blues For Brando
18 - Chino
19 - The Wild One (Hot Blood)
20 - Windswept

PT1 - PT2 - PT3

Thanks to Quintaesecia

Bud Shank - And Three Trombones (1954)

HotBeatJazz 10' Series - 10'LP PJLP-14 - 1954 Pacific Jazz

Recorded in Hollywood, April and June 1954

Bud Shank (as); Bob Enevoldsen (tb); Maynard Ferguson (valv tb); Stu Williamson (tb);
Claude Williamson (p); Joe Mondragon (b); Shelly Manne (d); Bob Cooper (arr)

1- Valve In Head
2- Cool Fool
3- Little Girl Blue
4- Mobile
5- Wailing Vessel
6- Baby's Birthday Party
7- You Don't Know What Love Is
8- Sing Something Simple


17 fevereiro 2011

Jazz Trumpet [3CD] (2006)

01. That's the Stuff You Gotta Watch
02. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise
03. Stella by Starlight
04. The Champ
05. The Jitney Man
06. Long Green
07. Nostalgica
08. Cherokee
09. Lady Be Good
10. Scrapple from the Apple
11. Goin' to Minton's
12. Half Nelson
13. I Love You


01. Barbados
02. Little Willie Leaps
03. Love Me, Pretty Baby
04. Calling Dr. Jazz
05. Bringing Up Feather
06. Tin Tin Deo
07. Fat Boy
08. Someone to Watch Over Me
09. Milestones
10. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
11. Maternity
12. Prelude to a Kiss
13. Ray's Idea


01. Orpheus
02. Sippin' at Bells
03. Mad About the Boy
04. Fats Blows
05. Now's the Time
06. You Better Go Now
07. Red Pepper
08. I Couldn't Beat the Rap
09. Serenade to a Square
10. School Days
11. Hollerin' and Screamin'
12. Nostalgica
13. Bebop
14. Fat Girl

Download from HotFile

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Dizzy Gillespie 1955

Dizzy Gillespie - Afro | 1954

(U.S.A. 1954)

. Manteca Theme (Fuller/Gillespie/Pozo) - 4:10
2 . Contraste (Gillespie/O'Farrill/Pozo) - 2:45
3 . Jungla (Gillespie/O'Farrill/Pozo) - 4:44
4 . Rhumba-Finale (Gillespie/O'Farrill/Pozo) - 4:43
5 . A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie/Paparelli) - 4:19
6 . Con Alma (Gillespie) - 5:05
7 . Caravan (Ellington/Mills/Tizol) - 7:19

Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)
Chico O'Farrill (arranger, conductor)
George Dorsey, Hilton Jefferson (alto saxophone)
Hank Mobley, Lucky Thompson (tenor saxophone)
Danny Bank (baritone saxophone)
Quincy Jones, Jimmy Nottingham, Ernie Royal (trumpet)
Gilberto Valdez (flute)
Ray Concepcion, Wade Legge, Alejandro Hernandez (piano)
Lou Hackney, Robert Rodriguez (bass)
Charli Persip (drums)
Jose Manguel (bongos)
Candido Camero, Mongo Santamaria (congas)
Ubaldo Nieto (timbales)
Rafael Miranda (percussion)

Recorded at Fine Sound Studios, New York, N Y between May 24 and June 3, 1954


Trumpet Guide

Trumpet Diagram
This information is to be used as a guide only. Data is approximate.
For best results, you should consult with the instructor before purchasing.

(Click for large image)
Trumpet Guide.jpg

Trumpets are precision made. During the pre-shipment inspection, the valves are oiled and checked for correct operation, and all of the tuning slides are greased and checked for free movement.
To enable the instrument to be played, only the mouthpiece needs to be fitted. Fit the mouthpiece carefully by easing it into the mouthpiece tube until a firm, airtight connection has been achieved.
Warning: Do not force or knock the mouthpiece into the mouthpiece tube. Doing so will cause damage not covered by the warranty and is likely to require specialist equipment and trained personnel to remove it safely.
With the mouthpiece correctly fitted, the instrument is now ready to play.
For your convenience, a cleaning cloth, valve oil and shoulder strap are included. Four tuning slides are also incorporated into your trumpet. These enable the fine tuning and intonation of the instrument to be adjusted. For guidance on their use, we recommend that you seek advice from your music teacher, instrument teacher, technician or local music store.
There are many tutor books, videos and CD ROM tutors available from musical instrument or sheet music stores to help you teach yourself to play the trumpet. We would also recommend you take lessons with a qualified trumpet teacher.

Trumpet Maintenance

It is important to disassemble and thoroughly clean the instrument after playing, and especially prior to placing it in its case for storage between playing sessions.
Follow the routine below to ensure that the instrument is kept in peak condition:
  • Remove any dirt, perspiration and finger marks from the surface of the instrument by the gentle use of a cleaning cloth (provided).
  • The tuning slides should be carefully removed and the inside of the instrument and slides cleaned and dried with an appropriate cleaning brush/cloth. Replace the slides with care in the correct positions.
  • The valve pistons, located within the valve casings, should occasionally also be removed, checked and if necessary, cleaned and thoroughly dried. The casings should also be cleaned and the valves re-oiled.
  • Valve pistons and casings are NOT interchangeable. Always remove and replace one at a time.
  • To remove a valve, unscrew the valve cap at the top of the valve casing. Carefully remove the valve piston, clean and dry with a lint free cloth. Re-oil the valve piston and replace this into the valve casing ensuring that the valve piston guide mates with the detent in the valve casing. To align the valve piston, depress the valve button fully, rotate the valve button clockwise/anti clockwise until the piston clicks into place. Release the valve button and replace the valve cap, screwing it back into position. Do not over tighten the valve cap.
  • Regular oiling of the valve pistons is fundamental to the smooth operation, maintenance and playing of the instrument.
  • Valve oil (provided) should be applied (sparingly) to each valve in turn. To apply valve oil, follow the procedure for cleaning and maintenance of the valve piston as described above. It is necessary only to expose the barrel of the valve piston and sparingly apply sufficient valve oil to ensure adequate lubrication.
  • Valve oil should also be used (sparingly) on the tuning slides and water key(s) hinge.
  • Water accumulates within the instrument during playing. To prolong the life and playing action of your instrument, this water must be regularly expelled. To do this, angle the bell of the instrument towards the ground, hold open the water keys and blow through the instrument to expel excess water.
  • Occasionally, water will remain in the instrument, and can be expelled, during routine maintenance, by carefully removing the tuning slides, and draining excess residual moisture.

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Fabrizio Bosso - You've Changed (2007)



03. YOU'VE CHANGED (feat.Dianne Reeves)
04. SENZA FINE (feat.Stefano Di Battista)
06. ESTATE (feat.Sergio Cammariere)
07. RIO DE MAJO (feat. Bebo Ferra)
08. SUMMER SAMBA (feat. Bebo Ferra)
09. JOYFUL DAY (feat. Stefano Di Battista)
10. PER RICORDARMI DI TE (feat. Sergio Cammariere)


Fabrizio Bosso - Trumpet, Fluglhorn
Pietro Lussu - piano
Luca Bulgarelli - Bass
Lorenzo Tucci - Drums
Paolo Silvestri - arrangiament diretion
B.I.M. String Orchestra

Sergio Cammariere - piano , vocals
Dianne Reeves - vocals
Stefano Di Battista - sax alto , sax soprano
Bebo Ferra – guitar


Fabrizio Bosso Quintet - Rome After Midnight (2004)



Fabrizio Bosso : Trumpet
Daniele Scannapieco : Tenor Sax
Luca Mannutza : piano,
Luca Bulgarelli : bass,
Lorenzo Tucci : Drums

1. Eye Of The Hurricane
2. Ceora
3. Honeysuckle Rose
4. Road Song
5. Johnny Comes Lately
6. You Don't Know What Love Is
7. Birdlike
8. Have You Met Miss Jones
9. Crisis
10. There Is No A Greater Love
11. Remember April

Recorded at House Recording Studio, Rome, on Oct. 12 and 13, 2004.

superb Italiangroup led by trumpeter Bosso and tenorist Boltro.
also wonderful rythm section :-)
enjoy the great recording


Sei Miguel - Esfíngico: Suite For A Jazz Combo 2006

I - Indagação 12:18
II - Amor 8:50
III - Pássaros 4:42
IV.V.VI - Estas As Palavras 14:16

Sei Miguel : (Pocket) Trumpet, Music Score, Direction
Fala Mariam : Alto trombone
Rafael Toral : Modulated Resonance Feedback Circuit
Pedro Lourenço : Bass Guitar
Cesár Burago : Timbales and Small Percussion

Recorded live at "Left", Lisbon, on the night of April 16th, 2006.

Clean Feed CF170CD [2010]

Mp3 - Flac

password: jazzparadescargar

Thanks to Jazz en la Web

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Pino Minafra & Sud Ensemble - Terronia (2005)



1.Canto General
3.A Mia Madre
4.La Danza Del Grillo

Pino Minafra . trumpet,flugelhorn,voice -
Sandro Satta . alto saxophone -
Carlo Actis Dato . tenor & baritone saxes,bass clarinet -
Lauro Rossi . trombone -
Livio Minafra . piano,keyboards -
Giovanni Maier . bass -
Vincenzo Mazzone . drums,percussion -
Vittorino Curci . alto saxophone,voice -
"Faraualla" . female vocal quartet -
Meridiana Multijazz Orchestra

Enja Records - 2005


Ryan Kisor & Grant Stewart Quintet - Live At Birdland, A Night In Tunisia (2002)



1. Quicksilver
2. A night in Tunisia
3. Confirmation
4. If I had you
5. Split kick
6. Mayreh
7. Now's the time
8. Once in a while
9. Wee dot

Ryan Kisor . Trumpet
Grant Stewart . Tenor Sax
Sam Yahel . Piano
James Genus . Bass
Victor Lewis . Drums (thanks Deep)

Various Artists - Jazz Masters Live (ITF2003)

This unavailable rare recording was contributed by king2b
thank you :-)

Format: Mp4

32nd International Trombone Jazz Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
Year: 2003

01 - Saameiainen - Antti Rissanen
02 - From Other Dimension - Conrad Herwig
03 - Blue Waltz - Bertil Strandberg, Olli Ojajarvi
04 - Lester Left Town - Sam Burtis
05 - Laura - Jiggs Whigham
06 - All The Way - Bart Van Lier
07 - Wait Around - Steen Hansen
08 - Red One - Tony Baker, Nils Landgren
09 - So Far - Ville Huolma, UMO Trombone Section, Jarmo Savolainen, Conrad Herwig, Antti Rissanen

Franz Koglmann - Don't Play, Just Be (2001)



1. Don't Play, Just Be: Nuit blanche [6:08]
2. Don't Play, Just Be: Don't Play, Just Be [6:07]
3. Don't Play, Just Be: Rivette [6:40]
4. Don't Play, Just Be: Blue Look [2:12]
5. Spate Liebe: Spate Liebe [3:52]
6. Spate Liebe: Stilleben [4:18]
7. Spate Liebe: Mutter [4:06]
8. Spate Liebe: Radio banal [4:30]
9. Entre chien et loup [8:03]

Emilio Pomבrico - conductor
Franz Koglmann - flugelhorn
James Emery - guitar
Klangforum Wien - orchestra
Peter Herbert - bass (9)
Tony Coe - clarinet, tenor saxophone
Uli Fussenegger - bass
Ursula Fiedler - soprano

Recording date: 22.-23. September 2001
Recording place: ORF Radio Studios, Wien, ײsterreich

Franz Koglmann, who likes to cross borders, pursues a dialogue between styles. Using this dialogue, which he consciously allows to include disruptions, Koglmann elegantly and expertly weaves his way along a path that avoids both the classical jazz clichיs and the hermetics of e-music. His cool way of bridging worlds is often referred to as the "3rd Vienna School" by critics.

On Don't Play, Just Be Koglmann collaborates with one of the world's leading New Music orchestras, the Klangforum Wien, conducted by Emilio Pomבrico, and with outstanding jazz soloists. He impressively succeeds in harnessing the traditions of classical modernism and jazz for his very own world of sound.

The four movements of the suite Don't Play, Just Be are a dialogue between a jazz quartet the legendary British tenor saxophonist and clarinetist Tony Coe, guitar virtuoso James Emery from New York, Franz Koglmann on the flugelhorn and Klangforum bassist Uli Fussenegger and composed and written processes of European e-music. The dialogue is enhanced by references to a text by Jean Cocteau and the films of Jacques Rivette, as well as hints of French film scores brought in by the accordion and violin.

The second section of the CD, entitled Spהte Liebe (Late Love), features four songs based on texts by Franz Schuh. Koglmann's music gives a gentle ironic twist to the poems, which are moving in their existential immediacy and are interpreted with great subtlety and virtuosity by the outstanding soprano Ursula Fiedler.

The final track on this CD, which is so exemplary of Koglmann's work, is a piece typical of his Monoblue Quartet. Conceived as a signature tune for "Reporters without Borders", it allows Koglmann and his exceptional musicians to highlight once again the essence of Koglmann's music on this CD: a melodious and delicate, smiling melancholy.


Koglmann divides this set into two theme pieces: “Don’t Play, Just Be (for quartet and chamber orchestra)” and “Spate Liebe (4 Songs based on poems by Franz Schuh for soprano, quartet and chamber orchestra).” Many of these interleaving works feature the leader’s clement and strikingly lyrical flugelhorn work amid swinging grooves and a series of mood-altering passages.

"Once again, the brilliant Austrian composer/flugelhornist Franz Koglmann derives inspiration and motivation from literary and cinematic works. This extravaganza, features a full-blown chamber orchestra to augment the work of famed jazz soloists, James Emery (guitar), Tony Coe (woodwinds) and others. Here, Koglmann delves into the Third Stream with this hybrid symphonic/modern jazz/big band program.

The artists periodically disseminate a cool, sleek, West Coast (jazz) vibe to coincide with accordionist Krassimir Sterev’s exquisitely rendered accents. All that and much more! Koglmann’s latest brainchild looms as one of his most audacious efforts to date. Recommended."

-Glenn Astarita,All About Jazz

Ryan Kisor - Battle Cry (1998)


1. Battle Cry
2. It Happens
3. Falling in Love With Love
4. I'm Old Fashioned
5. Birdlike
6. Sweet Pumpkin
7. If Ever I Would Leave You

Ryan Kisor . Trumpete
Sam Yahel . Organ
Peter Bernstein . Guitar
Brian Blade . Drums

Battle Cry

The Pete Christlieb - Andy Martin Quintet - Live At Capozzoli's (1999)

Contributed by King2b

format : Mp4
Release in 1999 Woofy productions.

recorded on April 4-5 1998 at Cappozoli's, Las Vegas
Late Night Sessions...

1. just friends
2. things ain't the way they used to be
3. willow weep for me
4. what is this thing called love
5. darn that dream - polka dots and moonbeams
6. speak low

Pete Christlieb . Tenor Sax
Andy Martin . Trombone
Terry Trotter . Piano
Jim Hughart . Bass
Dick Bert . Drums

Live At Capozzoli's

It seems so simple but so few labels do it. Team together five strong bop-oriented players, all of whom have developed original voices on their instruments while remaining tied to the jazz tradition. Put them in a relaxed environment with a good piano, allow them to pick out a list of standards to jam and then have someone have someone count off the time. It sounds too easy to be so successful yet so much of the best jazz happens this way.The key is to match together musicians who, although compatible, have not necessarily played together with each other in this setting all that often. All five jazzmen on this set have long been underrated and yet are consistently in great demand in the studios and as sidemen for jazz combos, particularly in the Los Angeles area. Pete Christlieb, whose big tone on tenor was major asset for Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band in the 1970’s and 80’s has been finally gaining some long overdue recognition for his hard-driving style and quick imagination. Speaking of rapid, trombonist Andy Martin can keep up with most saxophonists when it comes to both speed and fertile ideas; like Christlieb he works often with big bands where he invariably ends up being one of the orchestra’s top soloist.The rhythm section is far from overshadowed by the impressive frontline. Terry Trotter has worked extensively in the studios, with Larry Carlton and as an accompanist to such singers as Ella Fitzgerald, Natalie Cole, Jeannie Bryson, Frank Sinatra and even Kenny Rogers. But it is with his own trios and in this freewheeling quintet that the pianist really comes into his own. Bassist Jim Hughart, a member of Joe Pass’ classic For Django quartet, has worked with Trotter many times through the years, including with Natalie Cole. Drummer Dick Berk appeared with Billie Holiday at the 1958 Monterey Jazz Festival and has been busy ever since, both as a sideman and as a leader, most notably with his Jazz Adoption Agency which helped introduce a young trombonist named… Andy Martin!The tunes on their set will be familiar to straightahead jazz fans but the solos are fresh, enthusiastic and unpredictable, and the performances (even with high expectations) are even better than expected. In other words, everything works!
Scott Yanow, Editor, All Music Guide To Jazz

Leroy Jones - Props For Pops (1996)



01. Props for Pops 4:16
02. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 5:08
03. West End Blues 3:10
04. Someday You'll Be Sorry 3:54
05. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 4:34
06. Jeepers Creepers 4:50
07. You Must Not Be Hearin' Straight 4:42
08. The Preacher 4:26
09. Ain't Misbehavin' 4:11
10. Baby Won't You Please Come Home 5:45
11. What a Wonderful World 4:54
12. Beale Street Blues 5:08
13. Louie's Lamentation 2:39
14. Armstrong Parade 4:12

Leroy Jones Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals, Liner Notes
Craig Klein Trombone
Harry Connick, Jr. Piano, Arranger, Orchestration
Richard Rhypps Piano
Thadeus Richard Piano
Glenn Patscha Piano
Kerry Lewis Bass
Reginald Veal Bass
Shannon Powell Drums

Recorded at The Boiler Room, New Orleans, Louisiana on November 29 & 30 and December 27 & 28, 1996

Props For Pops

Leroy Jones is a fine New Orleans trumpeter based in trad jazz but open to the influence of bop. His clipped phrases give him a distinctive sound, and his vocals are spirited. On this CD, he pays homage to Louis Armstrong by playing several songs associated with "Satch," along with a few of his own original tributes. Teamed up with trombonist Craig Klein and a couple of rhythm sections (including pianist Harry Connick Jr. on two tracks), Jones is in fine form on such numbers as "Struttin' With Some Barbecue," "Jeepers Creepers," and "Ain't Misbehavin'," sometimes re-creating Armstrong's solos and vocals note-for-note, and at other times putting in some of his own ideas. A good-humored and successful tribute.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Ray Anderson Alligatory Band - Don't Mow Your Lawn (1994)

1. Don't Mow Your Lawn
2. Diddleybob
3. Damaged But Good
4. Alligatory Pecadillo
5. What'cha Gonna Do With That
6. Airwaves
7. Blow Your Own Horn
8. Disguise the Limit

Ray Anderson tb, lead voc
Lew Soloff tp
Jerome Harris g, voc
Gregory Jones b, voc
Tommy Campbell dr
Frank Col?n perc

Don't Mow Your Lawn

Chicago-born Ray Anderson started on the trombone at the age of eight, mainly influenced by blues bands and Dixieland records. One of the most important innovators on his instrument, his playing compresses 70 years of jazz ranging from traditional up to funk and free form. Along with numerous releases as a leader, Ray has performed and/or recorded with the bands of Gil Evans, Anthony Braxton, Carla Bley, David Murray, Bennie Wallace, Charlie Haden, George Russell, and many others. For several years now, he has been winning most of the international trombone polls.

With the debut recording of his new Alligatory Band, Ray Anderson updates the heavy funk concept of the well-remembered Slickaphonics he co-led in the eighties. The new sextet gives the essence of fiery funk jazz with great solos on trombone, trumpet and guitar, an irresistible rhythm section and energetic vocals by the leader offering some strange and humorous lyrics. The CD "Don't Mow Your Lawn" is groove and fun and will be presented along with a beautiful 12-page fold booklet.

Art Farmer - Ph.D. (1989)



01 Ph.D. -- (Williams) 8:09
02 Affaire d'Amour -- (Brown) 6:42
03 Mr. Day's Dream -- (Williams) 6:02
04 The Summary -- (Jones) 6:10
05 Blue Wail -- (Drew) 8:31
06 Like Someone in Love -- (Burke, VanHeusen) 6:42
07 Rise to the Occasion -- (Williams) 6:13
08 Ballade Art -- (Jordan) 4:37

Recorded at Home Base Recording, New York, on April 3 & 4, 1989


Art Farmer (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Clifford Jordan (tenor saxophone)
James Williams (piano)
Kenny Burrell (guitar)
Rufus Reid (bass)
Marvin "Smitty" Smith (drums)


Art Farmer and Joe Henderson - Yama (1979)


1. Dulzura (4:14)
2. Stop (I think again) (6:49)
3. Young and fine (6:48)
4. Lotus blossom (8:26)
5. Blue Montreux (7:00)

Art Farmer - flugelhorn
Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Don Grolnick, Warren Bernhardt, Fred Hersch - keyboards
Mike Mainieri - synthesizer, vibraphone, arrangement
David Spinozza, John Tropea - guitars
Eddie Gomez - bass
Will Lee - electric bass
Steve Gadd - drums
Sammy Figueroa - percussion
Suzanne Cianni - synth programming


Bobby Hackett Sextet - Strike Up The Band (1976)


01. Strike Up The Band George & Ira Gershwin 3:31
02. Blue Moment 5:24
03. Full Circle 3:43
04. Embraceable You George & Ira Gershwin 3:03
05. Zoot's Toot 5:00
06. Ken's Song 2:23
07. These Foolish Things Link, Strachey, Maschwitz 5:48
08. Teresa Be (written for Teresa Brewer) 3:23
09. Bobby's Tune 3:30
10. What Is This Thing Called Love? Cole Poeter 3:42
Total time - 39:36

Bobby Hackett - trumpet
Zoot Sims - tenor sax
Bucky Pizzarelli - guitar
Richard Davis - bass
Hank Jones - piano
Mel Lewis - drums

Rec.August 03, 1974

Strike Up The Band