01 junho 2011

Turk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band Live!, 1973

1. My Heart
2. Evolution Mamma
3. Big Bear Stomp
4. Gone Daddy
5. Dr. Jazz
6. 5 Miles Of Ellbowroom
7. The Pearls
8. Lassus Trombone
9. St. James Infirmary
10. Panama
11. Mabel's Dream

Leon Oakley - Trumpet
Turk Murphy - Trombone
Bob Helm - Clarinet
Pete Clute - Piano
Carl Lunsford - Banjo
Bill Caroll- Tuba

"Trombonist Turk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band was having an upsurge of popularity in the early '70s. This version of the band (featuring cornetist Leon Oakley, clarinetist Bob Helm and pianist Pete Clute) was well documented and a particularly strong ensemble group. Their album, recorded in Europe at the 1973 Heidelberg Jazz Festival, will be hard to find, but contains some fine performances. The 11 songs range from a few famous tunes (including 'Dr. Jazz,' 'St. James Infirmary' and 'Panama') and tunes from the books of King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton to 'Big Bear Stomp' and '50 Miles of Elbowroom.'"

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