01 junho 2011

Preservation Hall Jazz Band - New Orleans, Vol. II, 1981

1. Shake It and Break It 4:48
2. Just a Little While to Stay Here 7:26
3. Indy Blues 5:41
4. The Bucket's Got a Hole in It 5:05
5. St. Louis Blues 7:12
6. I Ain't Got Nobody 4:49
7. Rip Em up Joe 6:47
8. Down on the Farm 3:36

Percy G. Humphrey Trumpet, Vocals Frank Demond Trombone Willie Humphrey Clarinet, Banjo Narvin Kimball Banjo, Vocals
Allan P. Jaffe Tuba James Edward "Sing" Miller Piano, Vocals Josiah "Cie" Frazier Drums

"The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, after its formation in the early '60s, helped spread the joy of New Orleans jazz around the world. Unfortunately, the musicianship tended to be quite erratic, and by the 1980s it could be somewhat embarrassing at times. Certainly the band was full of joyous spirits, and the rhythm section (pianist James Miller, banjoist Narvin Kimball, Allan Jaffe on tuba and drummer Cie Frazier) was often quite driving. However the frontline of trumpeter Percy Humphrey, clarinetist Willie Humphrey and trombonist Frank Demond was rather weak and erratic at best at this point, so the ensembles tended to be better than the solos. Still, fans of revival New Orleans jazz who do not mind clams and shaky moments should be able to enjoy this music."

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