25 outubro 2010

Roy Eldridge and his Central Plaza Dixielanders - Swing Goes Dixie (1956)

Don't let the 'Dixie' in the title put you off (I know some jazzers stear clear of this branch of our music!). This is so well played and infectious that you just can't help but enjoy it, and there is so much more than your average New Orleans work-out contained within. These are master musicians, on top form, enjoying themselves. I love it!!

Roy Eldridge and his Central Plaza Dixielanders – ‘Swing Goes Dixie’

1. That’s A Plenty (Lew Pollack) 5.35
2. Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams-Spencer Williams) 6.14
3. The Jazz Me Blues (Tom Delaney) 4.41
4. Tin Roof Blues (George Brunies-Paul Joseph Mares-Ben Pollack-Joseph Leon Roppolo-Mel Stitzel) 7.32
5. Struttin’ With Some Barbecue (Louis Armstrong) 5.32
6. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue (Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller-Harry Brooks-Andy Razaf) 7.39
7. Bugle Call Rag (Billy Mayers-Jack Pettis-Elmer Schoebel) 5.08
8. Ja-Da (Bob Carleton) 4.37

Roy Eldridge, trumpet; Benny Morton, trombone; Eddie Barefield, clarinet; Dick Wellstood, piano; Walter Page, bass; Jo Jones, drums.

Produced by Norman Granz.
Recorded June 3rd, 1956 at Fine Sound Studio, New York City.
Original Issue on Verve Records (Down Home Series) MG V-1010 (1956)

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