18 outubro 2010

Booker Little - Out Front 1961

01 We Speak
02 Strength and Sanity
03 Quiet Please
05 Man of Words
06 Hazy Blues
07 A New Day

Booker Little on trumpet
Eric Dolphy on saxophones
Julian Priester on
Don Friedman on piano
Art Davis & Ron Carter on bass
Max Roach on drums

Rec.: Mar 17, 1961-Apr 4, 1961

Barnaby / Candid Jazz BR-5019

Booker Little was the first trumpet soloist to emerge in jazz after the death of Clifford Brown to have his own sound. His tragically brief life (he died at age 23 later in 1961) cut short what would have certainly been a major career.
Review by Scott Yanow

part 1 : part 2 : part 3

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