07 agosto 2011

Who Is Gary Burton? 1962

Gary Burton: Who Is Gary Burton?
RCA Victor LPM-2665 — (1962)

Side A:
1. Storm (Swansen) 4:12
2. I've Just Seen Her (Strouse / Adams) 4:15
3. Fly Time Fly (Sigh) (Gibbs) 4:31
4. Conception (Shearing) 4:01

Side B:
1. Get Away Blues (Swansen) 5:40
2. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers / Hart) 5:22
3. One Note (Byard) 5:20

Clark Terry (tp) Phil Woods (as) Bob Brookmeyer (tb on A2-4, B1,2) Gary Burton (vib) Tommy Flanagan (p) John Neves (b) Chris Swansen (d on A2-4, B1,2) Joe Morello (d on A1, B3)

Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, NYC on November 14+15, 1962

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Burton's second album as a leader finds the 19 year old among such heavyweights as Clark Terry, Bob Brookmeyer, Phil Woods and Tommy Flanagan playing swinging, advanced hardbop.

This was still missing in my collection of Burton's 1960s dates and Blue was so very kind to offer this excellent vinyl rip. So please thank Blue for this fantastic contribution!

The amg rightly likes it:
"It is puzzling why Gary Burton's second recording as a leader, Who Is Gary Burton?, remains out of print.
The talented young vibraphonist had already proven himself as a sideman and was breaking new ground as a master technician on his instrument, utilizing four mallets simultaneously with seemingly little effort. Joining him on this sophomore outing is a septet that includes Clark Terry, Phil Woods, Bob Brookmeyer (who is strangely not listed anywhere on the album jacket), and Joe Morello.
The play list is anything but predictable, with two exciting originals by drummer Chris Swanson (a fellow Berklee alum), a well-crafted arrangement of George Shearing's "Conception," an elegant take of "My Funny Valentine" with a gorgeous flügelhorn solo by Terry, and an obscure but high-energy work by Jaki Byard, "One Note."
Although Burton is obviously a very confident soloist, he feels no need to hog the spotlight (a common mistake by young jazz musicians in later decades), as he is happy to step back and let the veterans take center stage. Until RCA gets around to reissuing this gem, finding a copy of this long unavailable LP will be very difficult." (The set was actually reissued on cd in 1996, but is long oop.)

There's not much to add to the above. Terry, Brookmeyer and Woods all get ample solo space and, pushed by the energetic rhythm section, sound fierce and inspired.

Thanks to Le Porc Rouge

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