01 agosto 2011

Dizzy Reece - Nowhere To Go 1958

- Dizzy Reece Quartet - Nowhere To Go (Tempa EXA 86) -

Dizzy Reece trumpet Tubby Hayes tenor and baritone saxophones
Lloyd Thompson bass Phil Seaman drums

1. Main Title (Nowhere to Go)
2. The Escape and Chase
3. The Search
4. The Sunset Scene

Rec; London, October 2, 1958


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A contemporary review:
Only limited use has been made of jazz as incidental music for British films, but Dizzy Reeceís ambitious scores for the recent Balcon production "Nowhere To Go" are a step in the right direction and compare favourably with some of the colourful themes played by the West Coasters for Hollywood movies. Moody and expressive, these tracks rank among Dizzy's most noteworthy compositions, and are outstanding examples of descriptive writing.
Both Dizzy and his front-line partner Tubby Hayes blow short, virile solos on "Main Title" and skate nimbly around the chords of the fast blues, "Escape And Chase". This title opens with some insistent cowbell work by Phil Seamen, while the up-tempo sequences are highlighted by Lloyd Thompson's powerful bass-work. "The Search" (sub-titled ''On The Scene") is a down-to-earth blues with crisp, crackling trumpet, a generous helping of robust tenor, and excellent "walking" bass. "Sunset Scene" is a reiteration of "Main Title"óa mournful melody that you'll find spinning round in your Read long after the record has finished.
Keith Goodwin ~ Jazz Journal Vol12 No4, April 1959

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