11 setembro 2011

Miles Bonny - Lumberjack Soul (2011)

MP3 : 320 kbps (Original CD Rip) : 136 Mb

Lumberjack Soul
02. Still Miles
03. 5 O'Clock Suff
04. J.Birly
05. Clap, Clap
06. Nothin' But Chu
07. A Song From Miles
08. Learning To Fly
09. Same Dream Again (feat. Ahu)
10. Yes I Do
11. Breakfast (feat. Fleur Earth)
12. Desperado
13. Nests
14. Late Night Suff
15. Salmon Steaks
16. What's Life Like
Length: 00:57:57

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  2. I think this soundtrack is terrific. When I grew up in the sixties, I remember being addicted to old time music and listening to it on our tube mono upright phonograph. Of course I didn't realize it was old time music as a little kid. I just knew it was easy to latch onto. This CD reminds me how much the world and popular music as changed.