10 maio 2010

(1958) Los Angeles River

Russell Garcia And His Orchestra (1958) Los Angeles River
74mb mp3@192

1. Worry-Go-Round (R.Garcia) 2:43
2. Carefree (Heyman-Henderson) 3:10
3. Palo Alto (R.Garcia) 2:23
4. Aren’t you Glad You’re You? (Burke-Van Heusen) 2:34
5. One Love (Robin-Rose) 3:22
6. Good Humor (R.Garcia) 2:13
7. When I Go, I Go all the Way (B.& R.Russell) 2:49
8. Coronado (R.Garcia) 3:54
9. The Boy Next Door (Martin-Blane) 3:30
10. I’m Confessin’ That I Love You (Dougherty-Reynolds-Neiburg) 3:41
11. Never Never Land (Comdon-Green-Styne) 3:42
12. I Lead a Charmed Life (B.& R.Russell) 3:34
13. Music City (R.Garcia) 2:56
14. Fish Tail (R.Garcia) 3:42
15. Smoggy Day (R.Garcia) 3:17
16. Los Angeles River (R.Garcia) 2:45
17. Number Four (R.Garcia) 2:48

Tracks #1-12: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, July 5 and 23, 1956.
trumpets : Maynard Ferguson, Don Fagerquist, Buddy Childers, Wes Hensel, Cappy Lewis
trombones : Murray McEachern, Harry Betts, Lloyd Ulyate, James Henderson, Frank Howard
Herb Geller (as); Bill Ulyate (bs); Howard Roberts (g); John T. Williams (p);
Max Bennett or Curtis Counce (b); Alvin Stoller (d);
Red Norvo (vb #6,10); Jack Costanzo (bgo #8).

#13-17: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, November 2, 1956.
trumpets : Maynard Ferguson, Don Fagerquist, Buddy Childers, Ray Linn
trombones : Milt Bernhart, Frank Rosolino, Lloyd Ulyate, Tommy Pederson
Art Pepper, Bud Shank (as); Ted Nash (ts); Chuck Gentry (bs);
Gerald Wiggins (p); Howard Roberts (g); Max Bennett (b); Alvin Stoller (d)

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