16 junho 2010

circle of fifths

This is a musical concept that is important to practice.
As an aspiring musician, it is imperative to master this concept and the only way to do this is through effective, diligent and focused practice.
Tips : Don’t feel as if you need to know every key all at once
1. Start with C major and work through the major scale in one octave
2. After this is mastered, begin to work through the scale intervallically.
For example: start with C and play through the scale by playing the next interval all the way through,
ie; C-D, C-E, C-F… etc ascending and descending.
3. Begin to work through the scale in thirds, ie; C-E, D-F, E-G, etc. ascending and descending
4. Now in fourths
5. Begin to play the scale starting on a different interval each time, ie; E-E, F-F, etc. ascending and descending
6. Add octave two and repeat steps 2 through 5
7. Move to the next key and begin the six step process

It is my recommendation that the student learns the circle symmetrically, ie; after one flat, learn one sharp key, etc...
After all major keys are mastered, move on to the minor keys (relative to the major) and begin the 7 step process

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