15 junho 2010

Blue Mitchell - Blue's Blues 1972

Blue MITCHELL - Blues' Blues 1972
MRL 374

At the time that this Mainstream LP was recorded, Blue Mitchell was the featured trumpeter with John Mayall's blues group. Mayall returned the favor for Blue's set, playing harmonica with an electric octet headed by Mitchell. Among the sidemen are Herman Riley (on tenor and flute), keyboardist Joe Sample and guitarist Freddy Robinson. The material (all obscure originals) is primarily blues-oriented, and the music overall is listenable and funky, but not particularly memorable. Just an average date from these fine musicians.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.

Blue Mitchell- Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Herman Riley- Tenor Sax, Flute
John Mayall - Harmonica
Darrell Clayborn - Bass
John Guerin , Raymond Lee Pounds - Drums
Joe Sample - Electric and Acoustic Piano
Freddie Robinson - Guitar

1. Casa Blues 8:25
2. Just Made Up 7:32
3. Blues' Blues 7:05
4. Granite & Concrete 9:51
5. I Didn't Ask to Be 10:09

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