11 dezembro 2011

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy "Twilight Dreams" 1987

"I Am With You"
2. "Personality" (Logan, Price)
3. "Duke's Fantasy" (Waldron)
4. "Thriller" (Temperton)
5. "Night Time (Is the Right Time)" (Herman)
6. "Vibe Waltz" (Lacy)
7. "Twilight Dreams"

Recorded April 1987 at Rawlston Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY for Uk based Venture label.

Lester Bowie: trumpet
Vincent Chancey: french horn
Frank Lacy: trombone
Steve Turre: trombone
Malachi Thompson: trumpet
Rasul Siddik: trumpet
Stanton Davis: trumpet
Bob Stewart: tuba
Phillip Wilson: drums


Thanks to Not Quite Archaic

Long the LP of myth and legend, Twilight Dreams first came into my life as a fable. As a young trumpet player, the tale of mystical all brass free-dixie re-imaginations of pop standards like Thriller (heard by a friend of a friend of a friend...) seemed just beyond the realm of grasp that when I accidentally stumbled upon a copy of this at a rather shoddy used record store on the L.E.S. shortly after my move here, there was no way i was going to let it pass me by. Enjoy.

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