01 junho 2012

We Are MTO 2008

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra – We Are MTO 2008
MP3@320 kbps : 48:26 : 111 MB

1. We Are MTO
2. In a Corner
3. Makes No Difference
4. All You Need Is Love
5. Paducah
6. Dickie’s Dream
7. Viper Song
8. It’s Tight Jim


06 maio 2012

Stolen Moments

 Cootie Williams
Rex Stewart
Roy Eldridge at the Arcadia Ballroom 1939

Fats Waller ain't misbehavin

Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye
Clifford Brown
Lee Morgan
Fats Navarro
Llyod and Adderley brothers

Miles Davis
Dexter Gordon & Benny Bailet at The Village Vanguard June 1977 by Tom Marcello
Dizzy Gillespie, 1990.  N.R.C.Handelsblad, Vincent Mentzel

01 maio 2012

Byrd´s Word . 1955

Donald Byrd - trumpet
Paul Chambers - bass
Hank Jones - piano
Frank Foster - tenor saxophone
Kenny Clarke - drums

Recorded September 29th, 1955

1. Winterest
2. Gotcha Goin' n Comin'
3. Long Green
4. Stareyes
5. Someone To Watch Over Me

Savoy Records 1955

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18 abril 2012

J. J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite (1974)

MP3 @320 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo : 73 mb

Tracks [31:51]

01 - Willie D (Martha Reeve)
02 - Willie Chase
03 - King Midas (Martha Reeve)
04 - Willie Escapes
05 - Passion's Dilemma
06 - Keep On Movin On (Martha Reeve)
07 - Make It Right
08 - Parade Strut
09 - Gospel Family
10 - Willie D (Martha Reeve)

11 abril 2012

Russell Garcia And His Orchestra

Russell Garcia And His Orchestra (1956) Los Angeles River
70mb mp3@192

1. Worry-Go-Round (R.Garcia) 2:43
2. Carefree (Heyman-Henderson) 3:10
3. Palo Alto (R.Garcia) 2:23
4. Aren’t you Glad You’re You? (Burke-Van Heusen) 2:34
5. One Love (Robin-Rose) 3:22
6. Good Humor (R.Garcia) 2:13
7. When I Go, I Go all the Way (B.& R.Russell) 2:49
8. Coronado (R.Garcia) 3:54
9. The Boy Next Door (Martin-Blane) 3:30
10. I’m Confessin’ That I Love You (Dougherty-Reynolds-Neiburg) 3:41
11. Never Never Land (Comdon-Green-Styne) 3:42
12. I Lead a Charmed Life (B.& R.Russell) 3:34
13. Music City (R.Garcia) 2:56
14. Fish Tail (R.Garcia) 3:42
15. Smoggy Day (R.Garcia) 3:17
16. Los Angeles River (R.Garcia) 2:45
17. Number Four (R.Garcia) 2:48

Tracks #1-12:  
Radio Recorders, Hollywood, July 5 and 23, 1956.
trumpets : Maynard Ferguson, Don Fagerquist, Buddy Childers, Wes Hensel, Cappy Lewis
trombones : Murray McEachern, Harry Betts, Lloyd Ulyate, James Henderson, Frank Howard
Herb Geller (as); Bill Ulyate (bs); Howard Roberts (g); John T. Williams (p);
Max Bennett or Curtis Counce (b); Alvin Stoller (d); Red Norvo (vb #6,10); Jack Costanzo (bgo #8).

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, November 2, 1956.
trumpets : Maynard Ferguson, Don Fagerquist, Buddy Childers, Ray Linn
trombones : Milt Bernhart, Frank Rosolino, Lloyd Ulyate, Tommy Pederson
Art Pepper, Bud Shank (as); Ted Nash (ts); Chuck Gentry (bs);
Gerald Wiggins (p); Howard Roberts (g); Max Bennett (b); Alvin Stoller (d)


12 março 2012

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Soweto (1990)

Lester Bowie trumpet, flugelhorn, perc
Joseph Jarman sop, alto, ten, bar sax, fl, synth, perc
Roscoe Mitchell sop, alto, ten, bass saxfl, piccolo, perc
Malachi Favors Maghostut bass, belafon, perc
Famoudou Don Moye sun perc, dr, congas, bongos, bass pan drums, chimes, bells, triangles, gongs, whistels, belafon
Amabutho Male Chorus:
Elliot Ngubane special guest, lead vc, perc, tast Joe Leguabe vc, perc Zacheuus Nyoni vc Welcome "Max" Bhe Bhe vc Kay Ngwazene vc.

1.    Coming soon (Bowie)
2.    African woman (Ngubone)
3.    Fundamental destiny (Jarman)
4.    Fresh start (Mitchell)
5.    Khauleza (Amabutho Male Chorus)
6.    The bottom line (Art Ensemble of Chicago)
7.    Black man (Amabutho Male Chorus)

Produced by Art ensemble of Chicago.
© 1990, Diw.


11 março 2012

Saving All My Love For You

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy
Jazzfest Berlin'86

Alan Shorter - Orgasm - 1968

Alan Shorter - Flügelhorn (all tracks except track 4), Trumpet (track 4), Tambourine (track 4)
Gato Barbieri - Tenor Sax
Charlie Haden - Bass (tracks 1, 6)
Reggie Johnson - Bass (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5)
Rashied Ali - Drums (tracks 1, 6)
Muhammad Ali (Drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5)

1. Parabola
2. Joseph
3. Straits of Blagellan
4. Rapids
5. Outeroids
6. Orgasm

Recorded at A&R Recording, NYC, September 23, 1968 (tracks 3 & 4); September 25, 1968 (tracks 2 & 5); and November 6, 1968 (tracks 1 & 6). Released on Verve, catalogue # V6-8768.

Download Orgasm

23 dezembro 2011

Human Arts Ensemble - Streets of St. Louis (1974)

Human Arts Ensemble - Streets of St. Louis
Moers Music 1978

A1 - Streets Of St. Louis - 13:10
A2 - Miles Beyond Composed by – Joseph Bowie - 10:05
B1 - Entensity Big Composed by Joseph Bowie - 11:39
B2 - Hard Light - 7:06

Charles Bobo Shaw - drums
Lester Bowie - trumpet
Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax
Julius Hemphill - alto sax
Joseph Bowie - trombone
Abdul Wadud - cello
Dominique Gaumont - guitar

Recorded live at Studio Rivbea New York on September 6, 1974


Thanks to freedom-records

21 dezembro 2011

Arban´s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet

Clifford Brown Ensemble - Featuring Zoot Sims (1954)

Clifford Brown Ensemble Label: Pacific Jazz 19 10" LP 1955

Design and Photo: William Claxton

Clifford Brown (tp) Stu Williamson (vtb, tp) Zoot Sims (ts) Bob Gordon (bars) Russ Freeman (p) Joe Mondragon (b) Shelly Manne (d) Jack Montrose (arr)
Capitol Studios, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, July 12, 1954

*Clifford Brown (tp) Stu Williamson (vtb, tp) Zoot Sims (ts) Bob Gordon (bars) Russ Freeman (p) Carson Smith (b) Shelly Manne (d) Jack Montrose (arr)
Capitol Studios, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 1954

1- Daahoud
2- Finders Keepers
3- Joy Spring
4- Gone With the Wind*
5- Bones for Jones*
6- Blueberry Hill*
7- Tiny Capers*


Thanks to HotBeatJazz

15 dezembro 2011

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy : Avant Pop [1986]

Lester Bowie - Stanton Davis - Malachi Thompson - Rasul Siddik
Steve Turre - Frank Lacy
french horn
Vincent Chancey
Bob Stewart
Phillip Wilson

1. The Emperor (Steve Turre) 10:33
2. Saving All My Love for You (Michael Masser) 5:08
3. B Funk (Lester Bowie) 3:50
4. Blueberry Hill (Al Lewis) 5:33
5. Crazy (Willie Nelson) 5:26
6. Macho (Steve Turre) 6:28
7. No Shit (Lester Bowie) 5:14
8. Oh, What a Night (Marvin Junior) 5:32

ECM Records 1986


11 dezembro 2011

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy "Twilight Dreams" 1987

"I Am With You"
2. "Personality" (Logan, Price)
3. "Duke's Fantasy" (Waldron)
4. "Thriller" (Temperton)
5. "Night Time (Is the Right Time)" (Herman)
6. "Vibe Waltz" (Lacy)
7. "Twilight Dreams"

Recorded April 1987 at Rawlston Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY for Uk based Venture label.

Lester Bowie: trumpet
Vincent Chancey: french horn
Frank Lacy: trombone
Steve Turre: trombone
Malachi Thompson: trumpet
Rasul Siddik: trumpet
Stanton Davis: trumpet
Bob Stewart: tuba
Phillip Wilson: drums


Thanks to Not Quite Archaic

Long the LP of myth and legend, Twilight Dreams first came into my life as a fable. As a young trumpet player, the tale of mystical all brass free-dixie re-imaginations of pop standards like Thriller (heard by a friend of a friend of a friend...) seemed just beyond the realm of grasp that when I accidentally stumbled upon a copy of this at a rather shoddy used record store on the L.E.S. shortly after my move here, there was no way i was going to let it pass me by. Enjoy.

Lester Bowie... a way of life

Jazz is neither specific repertoire, nor academic exercise... but a way of life.
Lester Bowie

09 dezembro 2011

Lester Bowie - The Great Pretender (1981) ECM

* Lester Bowie - trumpet
* Bluiett Hamiet - baritone saxophone
* Donald Smith - piano, organ
* Fred Williams - bass
* Philip Wilson - drums
* Fontella Bass - vocals
* David Peaston - vocals

01. The Great Pretender 16:54
02. It's Howdy Doody Time 02:11
03. When The Doom (Moon) Comes Over The Mountain 03:42
04. Rios Negroes 07:19
05. Rose Drop 07:26
06. Oh, How The Ghost Sings 05:51


Frank Lowe - Fresh (1975)

01 - Epistrophy - Clarke, Monk 07:41
02 - Play Some Blues - Lowe 04:51
03 - Fresh - Lowe 06:15
04 - Misterioso - Monk 11:44
05 - Chu's Blues - Lowe 06:28 *

Total Time: 36:59

Recorded at Blue Rock Studios NYC, March 7th 1975
Frank Lowe - tenor saxophone
Lester Bowie - trumpet
Joseph Bowie - trombone
Abdul Wadud - cello
Charles Bobo Shaw - drums (tracks 2 to 4)
Steve Reid - drums (Epistrophy only)
Selene Fung - Cheng (Fresh only)

* Recorded at Free Tone Studios Memphis Tennessee, September 1974
Frank Lowe - tenor saxophone
"The Memphis Four"


The emphasis is on color and sound on this spirited avant-garde album. Four of the five selections feature the adventurous tenor of Frank Lowe with trumpeter Lester Bowie, trombonist Joseph Bowie, cellist Abdul Wadud and either Steve Reid or Bob Shaw on drums. They perform two Lowe originals and two pieces by Thelonious Monk; these renditions are full of surprises and contrasts. In addition, Lowe is heard with an unknown group of local musicians called "the Memphis Four" on "Chu's Blues" in 1974. Open-eared listeners should find this set to be quite stimulating. (~Scott Yanow, All Music Guide)

Frank Rosolino & Conte Candoli – Just Friends (1975)

Conte Candoli trumpet Frank Rosolino trombone Rob Pronk piano Isla Eckinger bass Todd Canedy drums

1. Stella by Starlight
2. Just Friends
3. There Is o Greater Love
4. Well You Needn’t
5. Quiet Nights
6. My Funny Valentine


Thanks to Hot Beat Jazz

02 dezembro 2011

Lester Bowie – African Children 1978

Lester Bowie - Trumpet, fluegelhorn, kelphorn, vocals, percussion, composer
African Children is a double LP.
Recorded in Rome on April 16, 1978 at Mama Dog Studio for the Italian Horo label.

Lester Bowie - trumpet
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
Amina Myers - piano, organ, vocal
Malachi Favors - bass
Phillip Wilson - drums

01. Amina

02. Captain Courageous

03. Tricky Slicky
04. Chili Macdonald

05. For Fela

Miles Smiles

Miles Smiles 1966

▪ Miles Davis – Trumpet
▪ Wayne Shorter – Tenor saxophone
▪ Herbie Hancock – Piano
▪ Ron Carter – Double bass
▪ Tony Williams – Drums

1. Orbits (Wayne Shorter) - 4:37
2. Circle (Miles Davis) - 5:52
3. Footprints (Wayne Shorter) - 9:46
4. Dolores (Wayne Shorter) - 6:20
5. Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris) - 7:13
6. Gingerbread Boy (Jimmy Heath) - 7:43


Flac 1 - 2


27 novembro 2011

Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker : Carnegie Hall Concert : 1974

Line For Lyons
2. Margarine (previously unreleased)
3. For An Unfinished Woman
4. My Funny Valentine
5. Song For Strayhorn
6. It's Sandy At The Beach
7. K-4 Pacific
8. There Will Never Be Another You
9. Bernie's Tune

Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, New York, November 24, 1974.

Gerry Mulligan - baritone sax Chet Baker - trumpet Ed Byrne - trombone Bob James - piano
John Scofield - guitar Ron Carter - bass Harvey Mason - drums Dave Samuels - vibraphone, percussion

part 1 - part 2

At this 1974 concert baritonist Gerry Mulligan and trumpeter Chet Baker had one of their very rare reunions; it would be only the second and final time that they recorded together after Mulligan's original quartet broke up in 1953. Oddly enough, a fairly contemporary rhythm section was used (keyboardist Bob James, vibraphonist Dave Samuels, bassist Ron Carter, drummer Harvey Mason, and in one of his first recordings, guitarist John Scofield). However, some of the old magic was still there between the horns, and in addition to two of Mulligan's newer tunes, this set (the first of two volumes) also includes fresh versions of "Line for Lyons" and "My Funny Valentine."

Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker

Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, November 1974 during rehearsal for concert at Carnegie Hall "Reunion with Chet Baker". Organized by Don Friedman.
Photographs by Franca R. Mulligan

Chet Baker & Gerry Mulligan : El Viento Sagrado
por Diego Fischerman

20 novembro 2011

Kenny Wheeler & John Taylor - Where Do We Go From Here (2005)

Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn) John Taylor (piano)

1. Summer Night
2. For Tracy See
3. Mabel
4. Au Contraire
5. Canter N. 1
6. Squiggles
7. One Two Three
8. Where Do We Go From Here?
9. Dance
10. Fordor


Thanks to gumer

15 novembro 2011

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble 'A Tribute to Don Cherry' 2008

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble 'A Tribute to Don Cherry'

[ Sardinia Jazz Festival 2008 ]

RAI3, live broadcast from Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, Sardinia, 5th September 2008

Kahil El'Zabar
drums, percussion, vocals

Corey Wilkes
trombone, flugelhorn, percussion

Ernest Dawkins
sax, percussion

Farred Haque


Thanks to corvimax at inconstant sol

Charles Brackeen : Rhythm X (1968)

Charles Brackeen, tenor saxophone

Don Cherry, trumpet

Charlie Haden, bass

Edward Blackwell, drums

1. Rhythm X - 07:57

2. Hour Glass - 11:31

3. Charles Concept - 06:41

4. C.B. Blues - 07:39

Recorded on January 26, 1968 at Upsurge Studio, New York City.



For all those who have longed for some real good Jazz...

One of the rare recordings from or with Charles Brackeen - here joined by Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell.

Thanks to inconstant sol

11 novembro 2011

“Mingus On Mingus”

Kickstarter Campaign for "Mingus On Mingus": a project documentary

Orangethenblue starts a Campaign to raise funds for filming a Charles Mingus documentary directed by his grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus. For more information go to Kickstarter Campaign for "Mingus On Mingus" to contribute. They even are open for suggestions and any help is important to keep the project moving forward. The goal is to raise $45,000 in 40 days until 18 dec.
To find more info about the documentary go to www.orangethenblue.com

"A grandson’s journey through the lore and legends of jazz history to find his grandfather, Charles Mingus he never knew
... . ...
There are many perspectives of my grandfather that have not had a place in defining his legacy…
I am seeking them out to understand him beyond myth, fable or a singular vision of his work.
We have begun to create a platform where we can use the ideals of jazz in the art of making a film
~ Kevin Ellington Mingus

SUPPORT this PROJECT by clicking here

07 novembro 2011

Kahil El'Zabar with Lester Bowie and Malachi Favors at Saalfelden 1987

photos by Helmut Klien, Rankweil, Austria

Kahil El'Zabar - percussion and voice
Lester Bowie - trumpet
Malachi Favors Maghostut - bass and percussion

Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, Austria
, Aug 28, 1987

01. part one 45:37

02. part two 14:57

03. encore 07:37

Mp3 file here

Thanks to inconstantsol